Solar Street Light

The LST ranges of solar street light systems are completely self-contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are maintenance free, making them ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable or uneconomic.


  • Lighting of streets
  • Highways and motor ways
  • Markets
  • Squares
  • Car Parks
  • Public places
  • Footpath
  • Beaches
  • Service stations


  • No utility line extensions
  • No utility bills
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Flexible location
  • Maintenance free
  • Automatic operation
  • High reliability
  • Long life time
  • One year warranty

Benefits of LED Street Lights

  • Long life, an estimated 50,000+ Hrs operations (more than 11 years at 12 Hrs a day) Reduce maintenance cost due to long life (comparable wit need to change a SOX lamp every 2 to 3 years.
  • Robust can withstand vibration from transport and rough weather.
  • Attractive cool white light
  • Good efficiency with comparable with fluorescent lamp.
  • No bugs are around.


Solar systems are most demanding applications for the batteries and the correct choice of battery is fundamental to the integrity of the entire system. Batteries are subjected to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling as well as potentially particle states of discharges. There for is of utmost importance to correctly choose the right battery for the right application in order to maximize battery life.

LST is not only offers the most complete range of solar batteries available in the market but also provides expert advice on which choice of battery to suit your particular application. Many solar street lights are in remote areas where access is difficult and maintenance is premium. Here LST adopts the VRLA battery range with gel and flat positive plates often refers as sealed maintenance free battery.


  • Capacity range (C100) 20Ah to 265Ah
  • Maintenance free
  • Gel type VRLA
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to +60°C

Operation time options

LST's charge controllers have the added advantage of intelligent operation time that allows for a change in illumination levels throughout the course of a night. Illumination can be provided at its brightest level during peak times of pedestrian activity, and then dimmed to accommodate times of reduced usage . Allowing for maximum energy efficiency, LST offers four intelligent operation times designed to provide all night illumination while meeting the needs of individual Applications.

Dusk till dawn

Designed to provide a consistent level of illumination throughout the night, the dusk til dawn option turns the fixture on at dusk and off at dawn.

Split night

Designed to provide alternating levels of illumination, a split-night profile turns the fixture on at full intensity for a set number o f hours after dusk, and then reduces intensity down by a set percentage for the remainder of the night. For example, a standard setup would be from 6pm to 12am at full illumination intensity, and the 12am to 6am at low intensity; thereby reducing power strain from the batteries.

Fixed night

Designed for a steady level of illumination, a fixed-night option turns the fixture on for a preset number of hours and then shuts it off.

Partial or full PIR

Passive infrared (PIR) option enables the usage of motion detection to turn the streetlight on when pedestrians cross underneath the pole. The system can be setup to enable partial reliability on the PIR throughout the night i.e .lights on dusk till certain time (e.g.6pm to 12am) then the PIR will be operational the rest of the night. Full PIR option enables the charge controller to fully relay on the motion detector to turn the light on for a preset time

Model Power (Wp) Solar Module (W) System Batteries (V/ Ah) Lumens (lm) Light Color Pole Height (Mtr)
LST-SSL7W 7 1×40 12 / 28 780 Cool White 4
LST-SSL11W 11 1×50 12 / 42 1170 Cool White 4
LST-SSL15W 15 1×75 12 / 75 1560 Cool White 5
LST-SSL18W 18 1×80 12 / 100 2100 Cool White 5
LST-SSL22W 22 1×100 12 / 125 2340 Cool White 5
LST-SSL30W 30 1×135 12 / 150 3120 Cool White 5-6
LST-SSL35W 36 1×175 12 / 175 4200 Cool White 6
LST-SSL50W 50 2×100 12 / 200 5880 Cool White 6
LST-SSL100W 100 4×100 2× 12 / 200 11480 Cool White 7