About Us

Company Profile

Lesotek is a diversified Electrical and Electronics products comprehensive Solutions company focused on providing more practical, comfortable, artistic and simple products. On pursuing the green, comfortable and beautiful life, Lesotek will bring more energy saving products with creation and innovation. The energy efficient solutions and applications for lighting as well solar and Biogas will contribute much to the global energy saving.


Lesotek’s vision is leading innovative power management in the green energy revolution. Always leading through innovation, we aim to continually deliver improvements to solutions in Energy. Lesotek Lighting has been a pioneer in India to offer a wide range of best in class LED Products, Luminaries (Fixtures), Lamps and various Solar Energy products to cater to various applications including Home, Retail, Office, Hospitals,Industry, Sports, Signage, Stage, Studio& Home. We offer complete Lighting solutions beginning with concept, visualization followed by a detailed lighting design in accordance with industry standards.


A major facet of LESOTEK  mission is to be the world's leading manufacturer and true pioneer in the creation and use of top-quality, energy-efficient, solid-state lighting solutions.

Top priority for LESOTEK and naturally another facet of our mission is our responsibility to our earth. We are dedicated to helping the world reduce CO2 emissions, global warming, environmental toxicity, and resource consumption. Our energy-efficient lighting products provide solutions to these challenges for the present and unforeseen future.

Rounding out our three-fold mission is our clients. We consider our clients as part of the LESOTEK family, and we value each one from inquiry to installation and beyond.

Our experienced sales staff and product specialists are client-centric, making the transition from traditional lighting to LED an informed and pleasant process.

We also are committed to community education about LED lighting solutions and Renewable Energy.